MKM Software Solutions is the Software Development Arm of the New Media Interactive Group. The Group is engaged in the development of Various Software Solutions which Include- Webdesigning,
Portal development,
Software developments (Web based as well as Lan Based)
Intranets, Mail Servers,
Internet Web Hosting
Virtual Marketplaces

MKM Software Solutions was established in 1997 and has been doing all kinds of software development for Big as well as small companies.

The Group has provided software solutions for more than 1000 clients all across the Globe and has exported solutions to over 12 countries.

We specialize for Web-Based technologies being used in Supply Chain Management
with the following features -

1. B2B Ordering System (Password Driven)
2. Inventory Management systems
3. Credit management System
4. Order Tracking System
5. Export Order Tracking System
6. Supply & Production Flow Management
7. Marketing & Sales Reporting system.

Today many companies have various Branch offices and a Huge Dealer / Distributor

The entire organization needs to be Networked in order for there to be a free flow of Information, which in turn gives efficiency to all channels of the Network.

Keeping this in Mind MKM Software Solution jointly given you these modules which can be used for any Business.

Our Track Records have proved to be very useful for many organizations who have used our services, so why don't you.

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Software Solutions offered -

B2B ordering System (Password Driven)
This system allows your clients to Logon to the system and place their orders online. Each user has a unique user name and Password. One Customer can be given more than one users.