B2B Ordering System (Password Driven) : Module 1

Clients can buy or purchase goods online.
User friendly shopping cart system.
Provide user name and password to client so they buy goods securely.
Monitor the clients Purchases as and when as required (tailor made options available).
Different pricing structure for different clients or for each category of clients.
Categorized different type of products.
Administration controls & utility systems to organize pending & new orders
Add / delete products or categories directly by yourself.
Update prices whenever you like to update them, as frequently as you want.
Display messages / banners to Buyers and update them with information about your company.
Customizations available on request.

Inventory Module : Module 2

When Goods Are received in warehouse you can add the goods in stock. 
When the orders are received and goods are ready for shipment, the Stock Quantity is automatically deleted From Stock, giving you the most updated stock positions.  
Automatically can generate reports of goods dispatched & stock on hand
vis--vis pending orders & various summaries in order for working with minimum inventory levels.
Reports can be generated base on :-
     Inventory report by vendor.
     Inventory report by category.
     Inventory report by customer.
     Inventory report on all negatives stocks.
This module can be operated directly by the warehouse keeper.
Also allows to control stock from multi - warehousing setups as  administrator
can assign which warehouse or depot the goods have to be delivered from.
Module also includes a vender master & goods inward indenting system.
This feature module has never before given control of organizing your warehouse and stocks from your head office / branch office / regional office.
Customizations available on request.

Order Tracking (Basic) : Module 3

This module is very good to track shipments which are being shipped from stocks.
 Data entry form for entering basic details about Client, Order, Shipment and about product.
Tracking the Order (includes all details about product, quantity, shipment details, Estimated date of arrival. (Something similar that you see on DHL or Fedex website.
Separate login for each client to make sure only their  information can be seen.
Facility to integrate with Online Ordering System, Inventory Control, Production, Material Requirement Planning and Credit Management System.

Order Tracking (Advance) : Module 4

Form For Entering Client Details, Details about Order, Details about Shipping Schedule, Details about shipping, Daily Production Status.
Separate Modules To Close Order and Confirming Shipments.

racking the Order (includes all details about product, shipment (proposed or confirmed), quantity shipped and ready for shipment).
Separate login for importers and exporters.
Full Internet version is manageable from any part of world.
Daily reports about order status, and progress on each order.
Looks after complexities of any kind of production, and can be tailor-made for your requirements.
Facility to integrate with Online Ordering System, Inventory Control, Production Material Requirement planning and with Credit Management System.
Module Can run on a Network or a Standalone version.
Back end system to allow many users tracking at one time.


Material Requirement Planning : Module 5

Masters for entering details about product, material requirement for particular product.
Masters for entering details about material (Stock available, Material Ordered with product order no).
nformation about consumption of material per product.
tatus report showing material status about each product (Order No. Wise).
tocks on Hand and stocks marked for production.
ensitive Items can be marked for close monitoring.
acility to integrate with Online Ordering System, Inventory Control, Advance Tracking System and with Credit Management System.

Credit Management Module : Module 6

In This Module you can earmark a credit limit for your client and can allow him a block point if his outstanding accounts with you are higher than of what you allow.
Depending on client goodwill you can increases credit limit amount, or stop supply to the client.
If his order crosses the credit limit notifications will follow to ensure that there is a chase for outstanding made.

Sales Reporting System : Module 7

Forms for entering details about client with list of different Contact Person about that company.
Hierarchical Structure Of company with access control specified .
Entering minutes of meeting with client along with quotation discussed with client.
Search facility for Administration about details of meeting.
Work as a stand-alone module

Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) : Module 8


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